Tuesday, April 8, 2008

How did your garage sale go?

Share your stories from your garage sale with your neighbours by responding to this post.


vg said...

The year before last I was selling my old microwave oven for $3. I bought a nicer, newer one and didn't need it anymore, even though it worked perfectly well. A rather large, nasty women was interested, but made me boil a cup of water in it. "It look an awwwwwfully long time to boil that water," she said in a mean way. But she gave me the three dollars and asked me to hold it for her. She later came back with her car and arrogantly gestured to me to carry the microwave oven to her car--glaring at me the whole time. She drove away without saying thank you.

The hardest three dollars I ever earned.

Lynn Marie Robinson said...

Wow, vg, that was quite a story! It is hard to believe what some people expect for $3. Let's hope you don't bump into that woman in the future.

Thanks for posting your comment on the blog.