Friday, April 30, 2010

Your Garage Sale Plans

What are you doing for your garage sale this year? Let your neighbours know about your plans by responding to this post.



Yasmin Burt said...

Charity Bake Sale
All proceeds will benefit Wellspring Cancer Support Center
At 33 Pepler Ave
Also accepting new or gently used clean clothing (newborn to 6x girls and boys)to be sent to a hospital in Malawi through agency Legacy Of Love
Thanking you in advance for supporting my causes
Good health and happiness to each and everyone of you

lynn marie said...

Thanks for your post Yasmin!

Yasmin is a fantastic baker, for those of you who don't know. It would be wise to get to her place early on Saturday before she runs out of goodies.

I would also like to thank Yasmin, Calvin, Kyle and Tammy Burt for delivering garage sale notices and the Salvation Army bags for the sale. We couldn't have the sale without volunteers.

Good luck on Saturday Yasmin!