Monday, June 4, 2012

Tutus for Sale

This post is being made by Neighbour, Ann McManiman

Lynn Robinson stopped in to say hello during her Annual Golden Triangle Garage Sale and Salvation Army drive when she noticed my Tutus strung across the front veranda and questioned “what are these?” with a sweet smile.

Ann, Will and Scarlet

 I explained I am a new stay at home mom and that I had made a tutu for my daughter Scarlett when it dawned on me that maybe I could make a bit of extra cash selling them to local mothers or maybe even online. To promote them I thought I would string up a few across the front of my house to see if anyone noticed or for that matter to see if people liked them. To my delight many women and even men were complimenting them and taking cards.

Scarlet in Pink

I would love to take this chance to promote them. So if you’re looking for a gift for your daughter, granddaughter or for a beautiful little girl you know I would be pleased to make you a handmade tutu or tutu dress. Available in any size & colour just provide me the measurements. Price range from $25-30 and attached is a pic of Scarlett wearing her tutu and another example of what I can make you.

My name is Ann and my cell is 416-668-6221 or my e-mail is

The Tutu Dress


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