Friday, May 31, 2013

Less than 12 hours!

Well folks, it is less than 12 hours before the sale is due to start! How exciting is that????Someone emailed this morning to say that they heard our sale being talked about on the radio on their way to work. That is pretty neat!

All the directional signs are clean and organized and loaded in the truck ready to be put up first thing tomorrow morning. And when we say first means first thing. Cooler is ready to fill with ice and drinks. Sandwiches made, watermelon ready to be sliced and veggies and dip for snacking.

The neighbourhood was a bit ominous this evening as everyone was busy preparing for the big day. Wandered over to a neighbours and looked at their preparation for the sale.

They have even organized a changing room in the garage for customers to try things on

Puzzles anyone?

Those sail boats on the right are very nice...64 Pepler

Gardening stuff anyone?

Now...let's talk about the weather....the reports are a bit grim at the moment but showers in the morning amounting to 1mm doesn't sound extreme. There are some people that do rain dances. Does anyone know of someone that does sun dances????Maybe we will get some intervention and East York will be missed all together. That is all we can hope for. Fingers and toes crossed. We will be setting up as scheduled. Obviously everyone can do whatever they want but I will be posting tomorrow to keep you informed. If it is bad, we will commit to putting up all the signs on Sunday. Feel free to comment on the blog.

Time to finish pricing and hit the hay. Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow.

Hubby and I putting up the last of the banners tonight

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