Monday, June 8, 2015

Garage Sale 2015 Was a Huge Success !!!!

Garage Sale 2015 was a Huge Success !!!

The weather was picture perfect. Everyone set up their tables and displayed their wares bright and early and then the people came.

There were quite a few sellers that were donating the money they made at the sale to different charities and organizations.

  • Ride to Conquer Cancer
  • Toonies for Tummies
  • The Amadeus Choir
  • Arise Shelter for abused women
  • Wellspring

Alex selling Lemonade for Toonies for Tummies

Kathy donating to Amadeus Choir which she sings in

The Arise Shelter for abused women

Ride to Conquer Cancer

Yasmin Burt is a very special woman ! She has a bake sale every year and donates the proceeds to Wellspring, A Lifeline to Cancer Support. People come from far and wide to buy her baked goods and things sell quickly. This year, Yasmin raised a whooping $733 !!!! Way to go Yasmin !!

There are also some wonderful people that volunteered their time to help with the sale this year.

Imperiel from The Salvation Army

Joe from Warland collects all the signs and banners after
the sale and has done so for years. 

The back side of my husband, Peter, who helps throughout the sale

My friend, Sheila, who starts at 8am and does not stop
until the Salvation Army truck is loaded up

A big thank you to the volunteers and to The Salvation Army !!!

Neighbours enjoying the weather and the sale. There are a lot of happy faces. It was so nice to see.
Probably the youngest person at the sale wrapped up

Chris catching a bit of shade

Dawn and Randy had a large crew at their house selling wares

This is the last year for the Garage Sale Goddess. She is moving into an apartment

Glenna and Isaak, who was a baby when they moved to the neighbourhood

Janet and Kaare

Joe and Karen's crew on Warland 

Maryanne, sister and friend being a bit cold in the shade. They were all bundled up

Momma Maragos

Ian MacPherson enjoying his first Triangle garage sale

Pascal very enthusiastic about the sale

Shannon with mom's new puppy. So Cute !!!

Trouble there

Chris and Shelley

A nice selection of shoes.

Sonya and Amanda

Ted - Mom and dad were busy trying to sell a fridge

Glenna and Valerie. The forever faithful

Yvonne and Bob

See you Next year !!!!

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