Tuesday, May 30, 2017

4 Days and Counting!!!

Weather is still holding out!

I figure if we check different weather sites on a daily basis that we will really get a good picture of what to expect on Saturday. Today's forecast is even looking better than yesterday's.

Salvation Army Truck

As you know, The Salvation Army will be sending a truck to 65 Pepler Avenue at 1:30pm on Saturday for people to drop off their leftovers in the form of donations. 

You may see a truck that looks like a rental vehicle and that is because it is! Apparently, the trucks that they have been using are so old and falling apart so badly, they have finally had to order some new ones. They always look so nicely maintained and wrapped with their message, one would never suspect that they are in bad shape.

Here is a list of acceptable items for your reference.

They also recycle items such as broken electronics and stained or damaged clothing. For the recycled items, please clearly mark these items as recyclable. The only items that they cannot take are mattresses, boxsprings, bike helmets and baby items such as high chairs, strollers, etc... due to health codes.

For more information you can visit their website at www.thriftstore.ca

Items for sale

We at 65 Pepler will be putting out some items....a sneak preview of some lamps and a beautiful mirror might get your attention? 

Have two of these beauties. They are 34 inches tall 
and have a glass base. 

Beautiful bevelled mirror with antique frame. 
Would keep but have nowhere to put it.

Best offer on both!

Well folks, signing off for another night. Send your pictures and stories of what you are doing this year for garage sale so that we can post it.

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