Sunday, June 4, 2017

Happy Garage Sale People!!!

Yesterday was an absolutely fantastic day for garage sale! There were many families out selling their wares along with lemonade, hot dogs, hamburgers and more.

Yes, this picture was in yesterday but I am biased as he is my grandson !!! :)

Loads of buyers came from far and wide to participate in our community event.

Annual trip from Oshawa to purchase this vintage sled. Great accent for the holidays!

Many interesting items were displayed for sale....

Giant egg shaped speaker chair. Could you imagine keeping this beast for all these years? Where the heck would it live?

Book exchange house (not for sale) surrounded by home made birdhouses (Are for sale) on Warland

The Scarborough Ice Raiders Minor Peewee A hockey team took over a corner of Donlands and Wolverton!!!

Team and Coach Rob raised over $1,100 for the team !!! Way to go team!!! What a fabulous group effort!

Yasmin from Pepler came down with a bad flu on Friday morning and was unable to get all her baking done. She is still not feeling great but recovering. Her loving family took over her annual bake sale and they were still able to raise $500 for Wellspring !!! Fabulous job!

Happy Faces all around!!!

The Salvation Army showed up early this year just after 1:00pm. They had a 3 tonne truck that was quickly filled up and a second truck had to be ordered. That truck then got half filled up! Way to go neighbours for a generous donation day for The Salvation Army!!!
 Two trucks from The Salvation Army

 Imperial helping Rob load donations into huge cardboard boxes

A shrink wrapped sofa delivered by 4 able bodied people

Imperial and Mario were awesome drivers and packers from The Salvation Army!! We hope to see you again next year!!

Special Thanks !!!

Thank you and a big shout out to all the folks that spread the word about the garage sale by inviting people to the FaceBook event and sharing and liking posts. Your help made a huge difference in the turn out, I am sure!

The sign man.... Joe Bortolussi, faithfully drives around every year after the garage sale and collects all the banners and signs. That is a huge job and it is greatly appreciated!!! 

John and Sheila Brazys are always helping at 65 Pepler Avenue. They are at the house by 7:00am and stay until the Salvation Army truck leaves at 4pm. Then.....this year, they invited us to their house for a lovely dinner of nicoise salad. How good is that! Thank you so much for all that you do!

Special thanks to all that helped at 65 Pepler. Vanessa, Michelle, Sheila and John, Sherran, Janet, Kevin, Paul and last but not least, my husband, Peter Carr. Without out his help and support, this event would not happen.

Great job folks and see you at garage sale in 2018!!!

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