Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The Golden Triangle Garage Sale is just around the corner !!!!

June 2nd will soon be here and with that our annual massive community garage sale. Garage sale packages are still available and if you would like a garage sale lawn sign the week before the sale, just reach out. 

Yasmin at 33 Pepler will be having her famous bake sale and BBQ again this year! be sure to drop by. Her baking is outlandishly delicious!

Yasmin displaying her wares...

There is a special and enthusiastic family on Beechwood Drive this year and you won't want to miss them! They have kid's toys and books and two golf carts to sell among other things. They have been known to produce a good bit of baking as well. Stop by to say hello and see what they have on offer this year.

We can all start praying for weather and talking to the garage sale gods. It is ramping up to be a banner year yet again.

It you are supporting a charity, let us know about it and we will post. If you are selling special and unusual items and would like them posted, let us know. Looking forward to another successful garage sale!!! 

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