Saturday, May 12, 2012

Garage Sale Wedding Story

During the 2010 Golden Triangle Garage Sale my daughter, Vanessa, and I decided to take a stroll up and down the streets of the annual sale. We came upon Bob and Yvonne's house and they had a rack of fur coats and stoles for sale.

Yvonne and Bob Participating in Garage Sale

Apparently, Yvonne's father used to love to buy fur pieces for her and her mother. They had many different types of fur. Vanessa fell in love with a mink wrap and a mink stole but only had the cash on hand to purchase one of them. She made her selection and left the stole on the rack. Vanessa said that fur was very fashionable at the moment. Who would have known.

On the Monday after the sale, I called Yvonne to see if she still had the the mink stole and she said that she did and that she would sell it for $20. A bargain, I thought. So, I went over to visit Yvonne and paid for my purchase. She told me that the stole had belonged to her mother.

The stole got wrapped up and Vanessa received it for Christmas later that year. She was very happy and surprised to have the stole that we found at garage sale.

So, all of this takes us to the Fall of 2011. October 15th, to be exact. Vanessa got married and quess what she wore over her shoulders on that beautiful day? You've got it. Yvonne's mother's mink stole. Vanessa looked totally amazing and happy that the Garage Sale Stole was part of her wedding.

The Bride and Mother of the Bride

The Bridal Party

The Happy Couple

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