Monday, May 7, 2012

Neighbourhood Notes

Hello Everyone in the Golden Triangle and beyond. There are a few notices that need to be sent out;

1. GLUTEN-FREE PANCAKES looking for a selling location!
(Preferably on Pepler Ave, Rivercourt Blvd, Chilton Rd or Warland Ave).
Profits will go to CHARITY.
Roger Mloszewski would like to sell his delicious pancakes to hungry shoppers. Would you be willing to let him set up two tables in front of your house so he could cook on one of them and serve at the other? He will be self-sufficient for water and supplies and is currently looking for a two-element gas camp-stove or pancake-cooker to use or purchase. Roger at (416) 429-0146 and/or

2. A beautiful necklace has been found on Warland Avenue. Please contact Lynn if you or someone you know has lost this necklace. (Mobile 416-230-5800)

3. At present, we only have three street captains. Pepler, Warland and Chilton have been claimed and we await people to step up and help. The job is reasonably simple. We request that you count how many people participate in garage sale on your street and be available should Lynn need to contact all the participants of garage sale in a hurry on the day of the sale.

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