Friday, June 6, 2014

10 Hours To Go !!!!!

Almost There!

The last of the banners are up. The car is packed with directional signs ready to put out bright and early tomorrow morning. We are ready to go and hope that you are too.

Peter (Husband) hammering in a post at the top of  Hopedale Avenue

A successful banner placement.

Signs, Signs, Signs

And even more signs!


The Weather Network says that it is going to be 16 degrees in the morning, 26 degrees in the afternoon and 22 degrees in the evening with ZERO percent chance of precipitation !!! The Garage Sale Gods are definitely looking out for us this year. Please remember your hats and sunscreen.

Please stay safe everyone.
Remember all our safety recommendations from last year's postings. If you need a refresher, just scroll back to 2013 posts.

Good luck tomorrow and look forward to seeing everyone!

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