Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Garage Sale was a Huge Success in 2014

                        What a Fantastic Garage Sale Day !!!

The weather was awesome and there were lots of shoppers with money to spend. We had great exposure again this year with advertising in The Toronto Start and The East York Mirror.

Bloggers were and

The advertising on Kijiji saw 145 visits and there was an ad on Craigslist as well.

Our blog, had 557 views over the last month and there has been a total of 6,460 views to date.

Lynn posted on her social media sites along with many other garage sale people in the neighbourhood. The Downsizing Divas were tweeting often over the last few weeks about the sale as well. Thank you Divas!

The following are some of the highlights of the day along with lots of happy people selling and buying.

Yasmin Hauled in a whopping $905.25 at her bake sale. All of this money will be donated to Wellspring. Way to go Yasmin!

Yasmin's husband, Calvin, serving up hamburgers and hot dogs.

Ouch, someone has a boo boo.

The Clan at 64 and 66 Chilton Road.

Ann and Brian from Ajax came to shop at the sale. They found out about it by doing a google search and said that it was definitely worth the trip and were quite impressed with how well things were organized.

Emma selling Lemonade. Donating proceeds to "Because I am a Girl" Foundation. Great work Emma! 

Fellow volunteers at the William Burgess School Carnival in May

Eneli is saving the Narwhals this year! She has been very busy making cards, muffins and candles to sell. her money will go to the Narwhal cause. Good stuff Eneli!!! 

Glenna, the loyal volunteer, Valerie, Mo and Clancey

Helen selling some items.

Jarad selling home made cookies and muffins. Those chocolate chip cookies were delicious!

Frank said that because the Spring was so cold, he did not have as many plants to sell this year. He still had quite a nice variety.

Glenna selling her wares on Rivercourt

Isabella and Olivia made the coolest fridge magnets. They used a dough recipe and created different types of food that looked amazing!!!!! The sushi magnets were a really big hit.

Joe and Karen on Warland. A big thank you to Joe who picks up all the banners and signs after the garage sale. 

Garage Salers at Joe and Karen's house

Happy about the garage sale

Husband, Peter, manning the table at 60 Pepler

Mary, the mother of one of the founders of  Downsizing Diva, who brought a crowd of about 8 people to the sale. Mary was taking a break from all the action.

Richard and Gail Flack having a great time

Annie, Rod and Alex in the shade

Janet, sister, Susan, Maggie and Sherran having a fantastic time at Janet's old stomping grounds. 

Having a nice sit in the shade

Daughter Vanessa, with grandson, Levi

Mother and son having a nice cuddle

Sylvia and Anika selling their wares

Ted on Rivercourt

The Totten clan

Tina hanging out on Chilton

Wendy and Ted

Tyson and Matt were helping to load the donations onto the truck
Then there is moi
Husband, Peter and driver, Imperiel standing in the absolutely full to the top Salvation Army Truck. That is a 5 ton truck folks. Good job to all of you !!!

There was so much donated that they brought a second truck to our location !!! We collected over 7 tons of donations for The Salvation Army. Unbelievable!!!!!

Big thank you to the following;

Denis Poulin and Caroline Souter, Glenna Fong,
Maimu and Eneli Molder for stapling notices to Salvation Army bags.

Joe Bortolussi for picking up the signs and banners after the sale.

Tyson and Matt for helping people unload their donations from their vehicles to The Salvation Army trucks.

The Salvation Army and driver, Imperiel, for providing the trucks for our neighbourhood event. This is the ninth year that they have done this.

My husband, Peter, for folding, stapling, hanging banners, delivering lawn signs and packages, selling at the sale and setting up all the directional signs the morning of the sale.

To all of you that helped to make the sale such a huge success again this year! Hats off to all of you and congratulations for all the donations for The Salvation Army !!!!

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