Monday, June 2, 2014

Four More Days Until Garage Sale !!!

What is a Narwhal ?????

Eneli is a grade six student who loves helping animals. She was introduced to the charity Earth Rangers in school and has collected money in recent years at the street sale to help the Jefferson Salamander, The Spotted Turtle, and the polar bear. This year she is directing the money she collects from her sale to the World Wildlife Fund to help the Narwhal.

 Eneli has been hard at work during the past four weeks creating colourful candles and imaginative greeting cards. She will be baking delicious muffins the day prior and looks forward to seeing you at the sale! 

Saving the Jefferson Salamander in 2011

Receiving a donation for her cause in 2012

2013 project was Save the Polar Bear.

Help Eneli save the Narwhal in 2014 !

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