Thursday, June 5, 2014

Two Days Until Garage Sale !!!

Now is the time to use your social media skills to get
the word out about the garage sale! 

Exciting NEWS !!!

There will be a Mrs. Softy Inc. ice cream truck at 58 Pepler Avenue starting from 9am until early afternoon on Saturday. 15 to 20 % of the proceeds will be donated back to us and we would like to donate that money to The Salvation Army.

Soft ice cream and slushies are prepared fresh on site.

Mrs.Softy gets involved with big corporations and charities as well.

Peter Berbatiocis and his family have run the Mrs. Softy Inc. company since 2007. They have 38 trucks across Ontario. Their vehicles are licensed for vending and they are fully insured. Health and safety standards are strict. All staff have clearance certificates from the local police.Their goal is to ensure that you and your family enjoy your refreshments in a safe and healthy environment.

More Exciting news

The Salvation Army truck will be arriving at 60 Pepler Avenue shortly before 1:30 pm on Saturday to collect your leftovers after the sale again. This year, they will be giving everyone who contributes a $10 off coupon that can be used at any Salvation Army Thrift store. Denis, the truck driver, will not be here this year. He has been part of the sale for 8 years. He will be greatly missed. Please join me in welcoming Imperiel as this year's volunteer for the garage sale.

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